Covid-19 has killed 36 teachers in Kenya

Thirty-six teachers have died of Covid-19 since the pandemic hit Kenya in March last year, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has said. Kenya’s Teachers Service Commission (TSC) data shows that 209 teachers have recovered from the virus, 92 teachers are on home-based care and nine are hospitalised. “All efforts are being made to ensure that all […]

Some interesting facts about the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia, one of the most isolated community in Ethiopia

Mursi tribe is found in Omo Valley region of Ethiopia, this region is known of cultural diversity with nearly two dozen tribes inhabiting the region often with inhospitable environment. Mursi are Surmic ethnic group in Ethiopia close to the South Sudan’s border. Their language is Mursi language of the Surmic language group. Their population is […]

Santa Mukuru Kayaba Primary school

Mukuru Kayaba primary school is situated in the Mukuru kayaba slum in Nairobi. This school started in 1985 as Non-formal school with about 200 students and four teachers assisted by volunteers. At the time  the pupils who were admitted were children over ten years old who had either been out of school for various reasons […]

The Samburu “Butterflies” people of Kenya.

The Samburu people are Nilotic people found in north-central Kenya. They are semi-nomadic pastoralists who keep cattle, sheep, goats and camels. They call themselves Lokop or Loikop. Terms may refer to “Owners of the land. ” Samburu speaks the Samburu dialect of the Maa language, which is a Nilotic language group. The Samburu like Maasai, […]

Parents and teachers faces tough time

More than 15 million learners are expected to return to school tomorrow, some for the first time in nine months, amid uncertainty among teachers and education officials on how to run the institutions during a pandemic. While some have put in place some hygiene facilities, including sanitising points, hand-washing points, thermoguns and extra toilets to […]

Schools fees tussle in Kenya as Magoha warns against increase

Prof Magoha said no child should be denied admission because of unpaid fees for the first term or second term.Tonny Omondi | Nation Media Group Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has warned head teachers against violating fees guidelines after a parents’ association reported complaints about higher levies charged by schools. The Kenya National Parents Association […]

More than 300 private schools shut as Covid-19 takes its toll

Without fees during the nine-month closure, many private schools were unable to pay staff, teachers and other workers. Covid-19 has put out of business more than 300 private schools, which means over 56,000 learners must seek admission in new institutions on Monday. According to the Kenya Private Schools Association, 339 academies, majority in densely populated […]

Kirinyaga schools not ready to reopen – teachers

Kirinyaga teachers cite lack of water, masks spacing for social distancing and lack of teachers. AS IT SHOULD BE: Lessons at Mwingi Primary School on Monday, October 12, in an advance reopening test.Image: LINAH MUSANGI Teachers in Kirinyaga say the government has failed to put in place measures  to contain the spread of Covid-19 when schools reopen […]

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