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"Hello, I am Jonathan Mburugu from Kenya, I am a teacher who's teachings kids on voluntary basis - especially those that are less advantaged. I am also a peer teacher at Kiandugui private school, currently studying Bachelor's in Education at Chuka University."

Jonathan Mburugu

CEO & Founder
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Our recent goal

a new classroom [part 1 – the foundation]

Due new regulations we need an additional classroom. Any support is highly appreciated.

€615,00 Raised
€600,00 Goal
17 Donor

Our Goals

We are here to bring positive change bit by bit for the children who really need it right away.


We want children to have a proper education so they have a fair chance.


We also want to offer the children a safe housing environment.

Food & Drink

Good feeding and drinking are important in life.


Offer these kids the future they all deserve so hard.

Where we work

We are currently active in Kenya. Our plans are to expand further into Africa. 

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