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SchoolForAfrica.org is a little organisation who wants to bring change first hand by education.

"Hello, I am Jonathan Mburugu from Kenya, I am a teacher who's teachings kids on voluntary bases especially those that are less advantaged. I am also a peer teacher at Kiandugui private school, currently studying Bachelor's in Education at Chuka University."

Jonathan Mburugu

Jonathan Mburugu

CEO & Founder

Our Mission

Getting children to school and a safe housing environment.

Our Program

We have personal on the ground and contact with the schools.

Your Support

Without your support we could not make this all possible.

A Better World

Only together we can create a better world with chances.

More Details

I am Jonathan Mburugu, CEO and Founder of SchoolForAfrica

Jonathan Mburugu

Jonathan Mburugu

CEO & Founder

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