By Nancy Makena,

A man can love a woman, a woman can be loved by a man, an old man can love a young teenager, a teenager can love him back, an elderly woman can love a young man, he can reciprocate the love, people of different social, financial classes can fall in love. You explain it by saying love is blind, but why are you not using that famous line on this? Why are you making this different? The mere thought of a 90 year old man sleeping with a 12 does not disgust you but this does. You definition of love is not being judged or condemned but the one that is in contrast to yours you term it as a sin. You are not playing fair…As humans we need to acknowledge diversity and difference. We need to understand that we do not and cannot live as per the principles of anyone. Yes, your religion might be against it but you cannot pass a judgement based on your beliefs. Is it fair that you imprison a Christian all because they slaughtered an animal considered to be holy in a different religion? One cannot control who they love Just as you claim when it favors your-love is blinds after all. Homophobic or not we have to accept the differences that exist among us. I cannot stop listening to Whitney Houston but it does not mean that I force anyone to listen to her or that I look down on the young generation artist who are giving their all the industry. Countries all over have started to embrace and accept their citizen’s difference in preference.(Netherlands-2000, Belgium-2003, Canada-2005, Spain-2005,South Africa-2006,Norway-2008,Sweden-2009,Portugal-2010, Iceland-2010, Denmark-2012, Uruguay-2013, Brasil-2013,New Zealand-2013, England and Wales-2013, France-2013, Luxembourg-2014, Scotland-2014, Ireland-2015, Fineland-2015, Greenland-2015, Colombia-2016, Malta-2017, Ausralia-2017, Germany-2017, Austria-2019, Taiwan-2019, Northen Ireland-2019,Switzerland-2021). The world is starting to open up to this and so should we at a personal level. It really hurt when my dear Edwin Chiloba faced a misfortune and all the homophobic people out there who felt pure and holy were busy typing insults without even asking, if their child had been in such a situation how they would feel. They based their arguments on religion yet they forgot that God loves as all equally; a thief a priest, a deacon, a prostitute all of us are equally loved and taken care of by God. They were busy quoting the creation theory that they forgot to read deeply into MATTHEW7:1-6.I strongly believe we should respect, accept, accommodate and acknowledge the differences that exist amongst us. Sheila Lumumba was just forgotten about as if what was done to her was right? We knew of her misfortune because of her boldness but just to ask how many SHEILA’S are out there suffering or might have suffered due to judgmental people out there. Surprisingly people would rather tweet against people loving each other but they don’t use their platforms top pressure the dead judicial service of KENYA to deal with the culprits who defile innocent girls but all that is done is postpone judicial settings until the illegitimate child is old enough to bear grandchildren for the bastard maybe lets talk about our malicious leaders, so instead of killing queer lives we focus our strength on rebuilding our nation and eradicating poverty. Trying not to be rude let me ask when did God, my dear savior hire any of his children to drive others into depression or into suicide or kill them all because they loved differently. The sarcasm of Kenyan churches when they came out to condemn queer people yet their own leaders are busy screwing choir children and women or the fact that a pastors is living lavishly and yet his congregation is living below a dollar. Let’s stop judging and accept others just as they respect us. Let’s leave all the judging to him who knows as all. Love boldly and never hide your true personality just because of petty guys who think they might be closer to God. LOVE IS LOVE. 


Nancy Makena

This article is written by Nancy Makena, the views expressed here are hers.