Parents protests over demands by schools in administering Grade four learners

Parents have raised concern over some of the items needed by teachers to evaluate Grade four learners. The Kenya National Examination (KNEC) urged teachers to use readily available material for the assessments. “We advised teachers to make the assessments as local as possible and based on items that are readily available within the school set […]

Lake Retba, fun facts for kids

Lake Retba is situated in Senegal and lies 35 km northeast of the capital Dakar. This lake is famous because of its unusual pink color. The color of the lake is caused by the Dunaliella salina bacteria, which is attracted by the lake’s salt contents. The color is usually visible during the dry season from […]


Gabon is covered by 80% of forests

Gabon is a country on the coast of Central Africa and is located on the Equator. This country has a population estimated to be 2.3 million people with the 80% of the country covered by forests. Gabon is among the ten countries covered by the Congo Basin which is the world’s second largest River Basin […]

Some of the interesting facts about Africa which you probably don’t know about

Between 2000-3000 Languages are spoken in Africa There are at least 3,000 distinct ethnic communities in Africa. Each community has distinct dialects and different culture. Kiswahili is the most spoken native language with over 150 million speakers followed by Amharic(Ethiopian official language) with over 100 million speakers, Hausa with over 80 million speakers and Yoruba […]

My gratitudes to your

I’m expressing my gratitudes to you for the support that you gave, I bought a new laptop which will be of great help to the kids, other people around me and I. I won’t struggle again in demonstrating to kids as I will share videos to them whenever necessary. The laptop will help Grade 4 […]

Challenges facing Education in Kenya and Africa overall

Corona virus pandemic has worsened already existing challenges in Kenya and the rest of Africa. Despite the efforts put forward by the governments around Africa, education still faces numerous challenges. High Poverty Levels According to Brookings Africa is the last frontier in the fight against extreme poverty. Currently one in three Africans live below the […]

The battle of Adwa, when Ethiopians defeated Italians

Ethiopians do joke about other countries in Africa that, “while you celebrate liberation or Independence Day, we Ethiopians celebrate victory day. ” During the wake of scrambling and partition of Africa, sections of communites and kingdoms resisted the occupation and eventual colonisation by European powers. With knowledge of superior weapons the Europeans possessed, and need […]

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