CBS TV exposes Kenyans helping American students cheat in exams

CBS has uncovered an advanced illegal essay-writing industry in Kenya that is assisting American students in cheating exams.

Smart graduate Kenyans according to the media outlet, have been making a living by assisting American students in colleges and reputable universities cheat in their exams by writing essays or even completing the entire degrees.

The industry is known as ‘contract cheating’, this has raised a lot of concerns in universities’ credibility.

According to the CBS, Kenyans graduates who are unable to find work have turned to illegal cheating to supplement their income, with some earning up to Ksh. 200,000 per month.

Kenyan writer confessed to the CBS that he had been doing exams and other academic work for several years for certain US student which earned him Bachelor degree and currently he is doing Masters degree for the same student.

“I did his degree and right now I’m doing his master’s degree……he has promised me also that I am going to do his PhD.” the youthful Kenyan graduate only identified as William narrated.

The writers who were interviewed cited financial struggles as the drive to join lucrative business.

” I have been searching for work since I finished school and I have one degree but no real job. You can’t steal and so you have to find something to do for yourself. It’s not really something you would be proud of to tell people that you help others cheat,” revealed the writer.

The Kenyan academic writers are so good with the work that when the results are out, the performance is excellent.

“There is one that I did and the student got 97 percent, and the teacher told the student that the performance did not reflect his past results of the student. The student told me to lower my performance on the papers so that it looks fair and plausible which I did,” the writer added.

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