The largest wetlands in Africa, Sudd.

Sudd is the largest wetlands in Africa and second in the world, with an estimated area of 57,000 km², located in South Sudan. The extent of Sudd wetlands depends on the seasons and yearly. During wet seasons the the size of this wetland increases up to 90,000km² and gradually decreases to about 42,000 km² depending […]

It was not until 2003 when land and freedom fighters Mau Mau was recognised as freedom fighters by then Mwai Kibaki’s government

Carolyn Elkins now assistant professor at Harvard University, spent ten years researching the real history of the Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya and the systemic brutality that British colonial bureaucracy put it down. Elkins says: When I presented my dissertation proposal to my department in the winter of 1997, I was intending to write a […]

Are the Ameru of Kenya and waMeru of Tanzania related?

The waMeru The Meru (waMeru) people are also known as the Warwa, are Meru-Speaking Tanzanian Bantu ethnic and linguistic(different from Ameru of Kenya) group native to the slopes of Mount Meru in Arusha Region. Quick facts: –Person —Mmeru –People —Wameru –Language —Kimeru The waMeru are known for their intensive agricultural practices, a feature common with the Ameru of […]

Teachers shortage hits Mandera county in Kenya

Most schools in Mandera County risk closing just a week after re-opening, following a nine-month break occasioned by the Covid-19 outbreak, for lack of teachers. The Nation has established that schools with more than 200 learners from Grade One to Standard Eight only have a teacher each running the show. For example, in Banisa Sub-County, 35 full-fledged […]

The killer Lakes of Cameroon

Africa has share of natural disasters, from the most dangerous volcanoes in the world to the most dangerous lakes in the world. Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the northwestern part of Cameroon meaning that the water there poured in long after the incredibly explosive volcanic eruption that made it ended fore more than […]

Covid-19 has killed 36 teachers in Kenya

Thirty-six teachers have died of Covid-19 since the pandemic hit Kenya in March last year, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has said. Kenya’s Teachers Service Commission (TSC) data shows that 209 teachers have recovered from the virus, 92 teachers are on home-based care and nine are hospitalised. “All efforts are being made to ensure that all […]

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