Malawi president declares state of disaster in Malawi

Malawi has declared a state of disaster from Cyclone Freddy, which has killed at least 219 people in Malawi and Mozambique since Saturday night, and displaced 11,000.

The disaster declaration is a part of an appeal for national and international assistance for the victims of the cyclone. So far, several organizations have started responding to the call.

Marion Pechayre, head of the mission for Doctors Without Borders in Malawi, told VOA that her organization has assigned medical workers to assist in handling casualties from the cyclone.

“We are supporting the ministry of health in one of the biggest hospitals in the country, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, to triage and treat the patients at the emergency department because they have mass casualties brought to the hospital,” she said.

Survivors of homes that were washed away in southern districts say they are in need of basic necessities. Report by VOA