Are the Ameru of Kenya and waMeru of Tanzania related?

The waMeru

The Meru (waMeru) people are also known as the Warwa, are Meru-Speaking Tanzanian Bantu ethnic and linguistic(different from Ameru of Kenya) group native to the slopes of Mount Meru in Arusha Region.

Quick facts:

–Person —Mmeru

–People —Wameru

–Language —Kimeru

The waMeru are known for their intensive agricultural practices, a feature common with the Ameru of Kenya.

The Ameru

The Ameru, Amíírû or Ngaa people on the other side are Bantu ethnic group inhabiting the Meru region of Kenya, a fertile lands of north and eastern slopes of Mount Kenya. The Meru refers to both people and region.

Quick fact:

-Person —Mmeru

-People— Wameru or Ameru

-Language —Kimíírû

The Ameru people comprises eight sub-tribes; Igoji, Imenti, Tigania, Igembe, Mwimbi, Muthambi, Chuka, and Tharaka.

The Tharaka live in the semi-arid of greater Meru, together with Chuka, Muthambi and Mwimbi, they form another county known as Tharaka-Nithi County.

These two ethnic groups are completely different, each with their own unique history, culture and identity.