My teaching career

Instructing pupils on performing physical exercises

I have been teaching kids from 2016 in one of the private school in my village. The school owner doesn’t get much of profit from the school, he does it because he loves education as he has been an educationist for the last 38 years. He established the school out of passion in teaching and transforming the society.

I began teaching here because I had nothing to do with my life after finishing secondary school in 2013 and later started studying Italian language in 2014 to 2015, while attempting to join armed forces, I later failed to join due to so much corruption.

Today I consider myself as the one of the most luckiest individual, as I joined university in 2020 courtesy of my good friends from Germany. This goal was only in my dream ever since I completed my high school, today its a reality, thanks to my good friends who understood my struggles and stepped in to help.

Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in Education at Chuka University. I’m third year student, studying school based program which is divided into trimesters. The first trimester each year is Ksh 53,500, second and third is Ksh 30,000, which make a total of Ksh 113,000. I’m currently on third year second trimester.

My goal is to change my society through the unfortunate people the way I have been changed. I will try to make learning available as E-Learning since I have observed that many remote learners are unable to get necessary materials to perform better, which currently, most are unavailable in Kenya’s curriculum as E-Learning and those that are available are poorly structured. Education is the surest way to deliver poor people out of poverty.