Pastor who impregnated his two underage girls jailed for 140 years

A man who sexually abused and impregnated his two underage daughters was on Thursday jailed for 140 years by a Baricho court in Kirinyaga.

The 51-year-old Akorino ‘pastor’ John Gichini was convicted on his own plea of guilt.

During the sentencing, Senior Principal Magistrate Anthony Mwicigi said the pastor destroyed the lives of his daughters and that he deserves heavy punishment to serve as a lesson to other would-be offenders.

The magistrate described the convict as a very bad person whose name should be entered into the register of the convicted and most dangerous sex offenders.

“The accused abused his position as a father and ruined his daughters’ lives. It is a disgrace and taboo and the he deserves a long jail term,” Mr Mwicigi said.

Quoting the Bible, Mr Mwicigi said the convict is a wicked man whose days are numbered.

“The fear of the Lord prolongs days but the years of the wicked shall be shortened,” he said.

The convict, admitted that between June 2019 and August 2020 he sexually abused his daughters aged 14 and 16 years.

The prosecutor, Patricia Gikunju, told the court that the girls were abused and one of them gave birth to a baby girl who is now seven months old.

In his defence, Gichini told the court that he misled by the devil and sought for forgiveness by his daughters and the court.

He argued that no one is perfect.

“The devil reigning on earth and making people to sin. I sinned, but I’m remorseful and I will be very happy if pardoned. It was my first time to commit such a crime in my life,” he told the magistrate.

Asked whether the complainants were his daughters and whether he knows that they are minors he responded in affirmative.

The convict had been on the run since last December but was flushed out of his hideout in Mbeere South on Sunday and taken to Sagana police station.

He disappeared immediately he learnt that police were looking for him in connection with the sexual offences.

Relatives said the man warned the minors of dire consequences if they reported him.

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