Have you ever thought of trees?

You plant them, they grow

And then you cut them down

At your own time of will

Now think of them as human beings

When you cut them it means you have killed them

Young or old

And that is how life is

You may die any time

That is, the tree you cut was destined to do so

Either young or old

Maybe it is our destiny   

And no one is to blame

Not even Satan.


You were there a little a while

Not months, not days but some hours

But now you are gone

You no longer exist here with us

But in our hearts you’ll ever exist

And most of all in our minds you live on

And your image will never erase

You were kind and decent

And most of all a good brother to us all

If it were of us, we would not let you go

But is by destiny

And all we have and I

Is to fare you well

And may your soul rest in eternal peace, brother.

Life control

It came to me

That life is really unfair

Not because it is really bad

It is because of the decisions we make

It is because of those who are around us

They influence our day today

Either negatively or positively

Not because they want to

It is…I don’t know why

What I want you to ask yourself is

Do I have control over me life? Or is it being influenced by others


How am I?

Maybe good

I’ve always never known how my life is

We all have the sad part of us

But most of us don’t know how to show it

We lock it all behind a smile

But all we end up doing is hurting.


It is what happens in between

In between a minute to the other

An hour to the other

Today and tomorrow

A week and another

But most of all

Our birth and death

It is life.

It is life

It was all lovely

Not the whole day

And not the whole night

Just the minute she called

But how do I know she cares?

I think it’s all an illusion that

I am creating

In that she’ll ever love me

Love me like I do

It is one in none of my now happy days

After I loved and rejection was

The portion I got thereafter

But there is, and always be one thing

That I’ll never forget

And that is “it’s all life”


I pushed you away

Not because I didn’t love you

It is because you broke the trust I had in you

I think I’m not over you

Cause there is some part of me

That still desire you

Today we met after months

I was happy for me self

I wish that I never turned you down

But it was not my fault

But always know this

I still love you

And forever you will exist in my brain.


I don’t regret ever letting you go

It is the decision I made that I regret

The, decision of letting you go

You were decent and good and brave

You were the first girl that I recall

Ever making my life some kind of fantasy

You always maneuver in my brain

And forever you will

And there is one lesson I did learn

From letting you go

And that is _ think twice or thrice

If possible, before making a decision

Beautiful one

All I did is love her

But how does she repay me?

By leaving me gloomy

I think I will heal

But there is one thing that will ever exist

_her image in my brain_

For it will be hard

To forget that beauty.

Age is just a number

“Age is just a number”

Yes they say it

And I believe it’s true

But people always have

Their own point of view

I believe she would turn me down

If I ever confessed to her

I think it’s too heavy for me

And I should pour it all

But I am afraid of being hurt

Hurt by two letters

Which are N and O _ NO _

The one common thing

Every day is a different day

For me and for you

But the previous day

Takes part in the making of the next day

Even though we wake and sleep at different times

There is one thing we all arrive from

_ sleep_

Sweetest thing of all

To fall in love is all I did

But now I’m paying the price

The price of just loving

At first it was all good

All I did is be joyous

With tales to tell everyday

Not just to anyone

But to myself 

I can acknowledge you

That love is sweet

But if you wanna be miserable

Yes, do love.

Forbidden fruit

There grew a tree

With sweet fruits

Or so they seem

But there is one

That I wanna take a bite

But life is really unfair

It won’t let me

Or should I blame myself for my greed.


Infinity, infinity

It’s what is in my mind

It is unexplainable

But through love

It can be explained

We all come to the world by accident

But every one of us is part of it

You, yes you reading this

You live for whoever

Is there for you

And through them

We explain infinity.

Life bringer

Heaven is where you come from

And to the ground you fall gently

You are the one thing

That all beings rely on 

At the touch of the ground everything becomes green

At the touch of the ground there is no hunger

Neither for we humans

Nor for other beings

Some say they love you

But when you are here

All they do is seek for shelter

But all in all, it’s what they are _hypocrites_


Sometimes I quiet

And listen to myself wonder

One day I will die

And I will be no more

Like everyone does

But all I am requesting

From life

Is, give me the chance to

Finish what I started

And whatever I will start.

Sense of belonging

I was lying on the ground
To the sky I was facing
Then I saw clouds passing
Bit by bit and steadily
As if to catch up with one another
In the same direction
In that they need, help each other
And pour out, of all their burden
Then I saw the moon
Lit up
On the far end of it
On which it was facing the sun
And of which I thought
The moon would never be known
Or seen if it weren’t for the sun
But also the sun would never be known
If it weren’t for the light
And I won’t be known if
It weren’t for destiny.


Sometimes I like being alone

Staring at things, at people

Listening to me self

As my inner me debate about everything

About life

Cause life has some kind of irony behind it

It is me, it is us

It is everything

We always think of the future

For it is still spotless

Regardless of the dirty things we do

We did in the past.

Wild me

I am imagining

Walking on a tarmacked road

With lights beside it swinging hands

Kicking the air

Punching the air

Screaming loud running fast

Crying out loud    

I am becoming

A wild being.