Nearly half of Kenyans earn below Sh30,000

45.9pc of formal workers take home Sh1,000 a day with only 2.9pc of employees earning more than Sh100,000 a month. Nearly half of workers in the formal sector earn less than Sh30,000 per month, reflecting Kenya’s pay inequality and the burden households face in acquiring basic items like rent and food. The Kenya National Bureau […]

Effects of Covid-19 on Education in Africa

Between April and August 2020, Human Rights Watch conducted 57 remote interviews with students, parents, teachers, and education officials across Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zambia to learn about the effects of the pandemic on children’s education. Human Rights Watch research shows that school closures […]

Kenya’s Education CS, Magoha reveals one million masks shortage ahead of schools’ re-opening next week

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha now says his ministry is facing a shortage of one million face masks to for children from poor backgrounds ahead of schools’ re-opening next Monday. The masks are meant for children whose parents cannot afford the safety gear. “Out of the three million children identified by the government, we […]

Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary, Proffesor George Magoha warn Head teachers against sending students home for fees

Kenya’s Education Cabinet secretary has directed all public schools to accept learners from private schools. This after many parents have suffered financial constraints after the effects of Covid-19, and therefore can’t afford to secure their learners to private schools anymore. Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony of Dr Ida Odinga Library, Research, Innovation and Resource Center […]

The most dangerous volcano in the world, Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Nyiragongo is one of Africa’s most notable active volcanoes, having a crater in it’s deep summit which contains a lava lake which was active for half century to 1977, when it drained catastrophically, is the most dangerous volcano in the world. Nyiragongo displays steep slopes of stratovolcano with 1.2 km-wide summit crater. On January 10, […]

Education and system of Education in Kenya

My name is Jonathan Mburugu from Kenya, founder of SchoolForAfrica. I struggled to get education in Kenya as it is expensive to most of the ordinary Kenyans( when you’re not government sponsored in higher education). Education is the easiest tool to deliver the poor out of poverty, yes very true! However, where finances are required, […]

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